Oliver brings the tail therapy!

Another friend shared a photo of the ‘Tail Therapy’ in their lives!  Bob & Nan sent this photo of their Bichon mix named ‘Oliver.’ — He’s a love bug and a fluff ball and enjoys sunshine on the patio and keeping watch out over the lower 40. Who is your Tail Therapy?  Share through our…

Oscar AKA "sir fetch a lot"

ThePetBlogLady shares her ‘Tail Therapy’ – Oscar the Bichon!

We love seeing other people’s Tail Therapy — who makes them smile?  We got this photo of the absolutely adorable Oscar, her 13-year old Bichon.  One of his many nicknames is “Sir-Fetch-A-Lot” — We love it! Check out ThePetBlogLady here and be sure to follow her on Twitter here As always, keep your images of your Tail Therapy coming!